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Near Infrared Silicone Coated Safety Bulb - 250 Watt (120V for North America)

Near Infrared Silicone Coated Safety Bulb - 250 Watt (120V for North America)



  • 120V For Use in US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and other countries with 110-120V electrical systems.  NOT FOR USE IN EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA, OCEANIA.  
  • Coated With Protective Silicone to Provide Shatter Resistance
  • High Intensity 250 Watt Near Infrared Thermal - Red Light Therapy Light Bulb 
  • TheraBulb Designed to Maximize Near Infrared Output, NIR-A, IR-A, Red Light Therapy 
  • Emits Optimal Near Infrared Healing Wavelengths 700 nm to 1000 Nanometers
  • Peak Output at 750 nm
  • TheraBulb Double Reflective Red Coat - Applied to Reduce Visible Light Emitted and Maximize Non - Visible Infrared Output
  • Free of Lead, Teflon, and Mercury
  • Emits Very Little EMF
  • Fits Standard US Socket E26 Rated at 250 Watts
  • Size R40: 6.5 Inches High by 5.25 Inches in Diameter
  • Not for Use in Infrared Saunas - Use Near Infrared Bulb - 250 Watt Instead
Product Notes:  
If you are purchasing TheraBulb as a replacement for a bulb in an existing lamp, click here for important information.
This TheraBulb has been dipped in high heat silicone to provide a level of protection from shattering. With use, the silicone coating may show cracks, bubbles, distortions, or minor peeling. These conditions do not affect the performance of the bulb nor the ability of the coating to provide shatter-resistance.
Your TheraBulb includes a Double Reflective Red Coat and may show minor cosmetic blemishes on the surface of the bulb including: small dimples, bubbles, small spots of darker or lighter color and small marks on bulb. These marks may be more apparent when the bulb is on, but in no way negatively impact the performance or life of the bulb.
Operating Instructions and Precautions for use are sent digitally with each purchase. A printed copy is included in your TheraBulb product box.

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