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      Are you looking for "green" infrared? Try TheraBulb's 150 watt NIR bulbs. They consume 40% less electricity and put out 10% less waste heat than the TheraBulb Near Infrared Bulb - 250 Watt bulb. Best of all, their intensity to consumption ratio is 50% higher than our 250 watt bulbs, giving you more infrared for every watt of power used.

      While these bulbs offer advantages that the 250W bulbs don't, they emit the same healing wavelengths. Each bulb has been verified through independent laboratory testing to release primarily red and near infrared energy: 400 nm to 1000nm, with peak wavelength at 750nm.

      Throughout the month of April you'll not only save electricity with the Near Infrared Bulb Small Form - 150 Watt and Near Infrared Bulb - 150 Watt - (240V), but money as well.

      Take 20% off these verified near-infrared bulbs when you enter the code GREEN at checkout or use this link.