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Professional Discount and Reseller Programs

Do you recommend near infrared  bulbs for your clients / patients or use near infrared bulbs in your business?  If so, you could benefit from TheraBulb's reseller and professional discount programs. These programs allow you to make the benefits of assured near infrared available to your clients while enjoying wholesale pricing and other support.

TheraBulb is the leading manufacturer of incandescent bulbs with concentrated
healing wavelength output. We offer a range of near infrared bulbs that are certified RoHS toxin-free with output and intensity verified by an independent, ISO 17025-certified lab. TheraBulb has created the only bulb that offers all of these assurances.  

Professional Discount Program

TheraBulb is the brand trusted by those in the healing arts. Those who purchase via our professional discount programs can save as much as 40% off the Amazon retail price, access products exclusive to our web site, and receive personalized service. Each professional customer is assigned their own account manager who coordinates order fulfillment, performs a second inspection and test of your bulbs (We perform our first inspection and test when the bulbs arrive from the factory for warehousing.), and is available for individual technical assistance.  

Professional Discount Program Fact Sheet

Reseller Program

TheraBulb offers wholesale pricing on our products for those who resell them to customers, clients, or patients. Our reseller program includes all of the benefits of our professional discount program plus promotional content and support. This support includes content such as press releases, marketing emails, web and social media content, inclusion on TheraBulb's social media channels, and inclusion on the TheraBulb Professional Discount and Reseller Programs web page. 

Reseller Program Fact Sheet

Our Current Resellers

We are pleased to partner with the following:

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Brain Health and Wellness Services

NIR Sauna

Manufacturer of Near Infrared Light Saunas Using TheraBulb Bulbs

Sauna Comfort

Manufacturer of Near Infrared Light Saunas Using TheraBulb Bulbs

Want to Know More?

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