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TheraBulb Receives Lab Certification for Near Infrared Bulbs

LEESBURG, Va.  December 05, 2018:  TheraBulb, leading manufacturer of incandescent bulbs with concentrated healing wavelength output, announced an industry first today: independent lab tests verifying the performance of its bulbs.

Upon release of the test results, TheraBulb CEO Tom Watson said “I founded TheraBulb when a friend needed near-infrared bulbs and couldn’t find any that were proven to emit near infrared in the healing wavelengths. Our team designed a bulb to meet these specific requirements and achieved CE and RoHS toxin-free certifications. Now we’ve had the actual output of our bulbs tested by an independent, ISO 17025-certified lab. This enables consumers and health professionals to know that the bulb is emitting infrared and in what concentrations. TheraBulb has created the only bulb that offers all of these assurances. We are pleased to make the only lab-certified infrared bulbs on the market.”

Laboratory tests determined that the majority of the energy emitted by the bulbs was in the red and near infrared healing wavelength spectrum, 600 nm – 900 nm. The second test measured the amount of energy available to the user at given distances from the bulb.

Dr. Todd Lizon, B.P.H.E., D.C. is the CEO of NIR Sauna and a practicing Chiropractor. He uses visible light and near infrared energy therapy of all types with clients and sees TheraBulb’s verified output data as extremely useful in creating therapeutic regimens. “I firmly believe in the benefits of the entire red and near infrared light spectrum. Only with TheraBulb can I truly calculate the dosage customers and clients are getting. For this reason, I exclusively use TheraBulb in my portable NIR Saunas.”

CEO Tom Watson closed with advice for consumers: “Make sure that you’re getting what you pay for. Look for an infrared bulb that offers objective data on the amount of infrared it puts out. TheraBulb is safe, proven, and reliable.”

About TheraBulb

Established in 2015, TheraBulb is a premier manufacturer of incandescent infrared bulbs with concentrated healing wavelength output. TheraBulb is the top consumer choice for infrared bulbs for home use and the bulb preferred and endorsed by health care professionals. TheraBulb products are sold at, where additional information on the company is also available.

About NIR Sauna

NIR Sauna is Australia’s leading manufacturer of portable near infrared sauna panels for home use. Designed by a Chiropractor and practitioner of photobiomodulation, the sauna panels offer heat, visible light, and near infrared healing wavelengths using TheraBulb 250W incandescent infrared bulbs. For purchasing and additional information, go to