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      How to Choose a Near Infrared Bulb

      How to Choose a Near Infrared Bulb
      The marketplace offers a wide range of red light and infrared products for home use by consumers. These include incandescent bulbs of varying sizes and wattages; walk in saunas; and LED bulbs, panels, face masks, and helmets. Prices range from less than $30 to more than $5000. While this variety presents the opportunity to find a product that is the perfect fit, the choices can be overwhelming without a means of comparing products in a meaningful way. Fortunately, there are some objective criteria that you can use to find the product that will be best for you.

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      How TheraBulb Near Infrared Bulbs Differ From Heat Lamp Bulbs

      How TheraBulb Near Infrared Bulbs Differ From Heat Lamp Bulbs

      One of the questions most frequently asked by customers is how TheraBulb near infrared bulbs compare with heat lamp bulbs. The short answer is that TheraBulb near infrared bulbs are a type of heat lamp bulb that has been designed for use in home saunas and by those who want to use red light and near infrared energy for some sort of therapy (that has been approved by a medica professional). In the remainder of this article, I’ll describe the features of TheraBulb products, how they make them different from general purpose heat lamp bulbs, and why those differences matter.

      What Are Heat Lamp Bulbs

      A heat lamp bulb is an incandescent light bulb that is designed to produce heat. The heat is produced by passing electric current through a metal filament. This process also produces visible light and infrared energy. Heat lamp bulbs are usually red in color, as the red color of the glass dampens some of the brightness from the filament. The red coating filters out much of the shorter wavelength (1nm – 400nm) light but allows red light (650nm-700nm) and near infrared light (700nm – 1000nm) to pass through. The red coating does not, however, produce any of the red light or near infrared emitted by the bulb.

      Heat lamp bulbs have been in use since the 20th century and are commonly used to heat a space such as a bathroom or entryway or to provide warmth for livestock and reptiles. Heat lamps are also used in foodservice, warming food on a buffet or keeping cooked and plated food warm until the server can pick up the order. Food service bulbs typically are required to have a shatter-resistant coating on the outside to prevent a bulb from shattering and releasing glass shards into food. One commonly used coating is PFA, also known as Teflon.

      TheraBulb Incandescent Bulbs

      Like other heat lamp bulbs, TheraBulbs are incandescent bulbs with a red coating that emit red light and near infrared energy. Because they are designed to be used in home saunas and by consumers who wish to access heat and near infrared energy for personal wellness, however, we offer some things that general purpose heat lamps do not.

      Free of Hazardous Substances

      TheraBulb is RoHS compliant, meaning they are free of hazardous substances, including PFA. PFA is a concern among many of our customers because studies have found that it can offgas particulates at temperatures as low as 464°F, which is below the lowest operating temperature of any of our bulbs.

      TheraBulb, like all other incandescent bulbs is also EMF-free. This is because the way that incandescent bulbs work does not create the conditions that produce EMF.

      Lab-Verified Output

      We understand that customers need data to get the most out of our products. The most fundamental thing they need to know is whether or not a bulb advertised as a red light and near infrared bulb is indeed producing either one of these. Because infrared light is not perceptible to the naked eye, a customer cannot verify this on their own.

      In addition to confirmation that red light and near infrared energy are being emitted by the bulb, a customer would need to know the following:

      • Spectral Distribution: How much of the total energy output of the bulb is red light? How much is near infrared?
      • Maximum Operating Temperature: How hot do the bulbs get?
      • Irradiance: What is the intensity of the red light and near infrared energy at a given distance from the bulb?

      To give our customers the data that they need to get the best results from our products, we’ve invested in having our bulbs tested in one of the same ISO 17025 accredited laboratories that tests electrical devices for the US Department of Defense. The same lab also verified our incandescent bulbs to be EMF-free. (Maximum operating temperature was measured in a separate lighting laboratory).

      Customer Information and Support

      TheraBulb also provides detailed information about our products and the relevance of those characteristics, both in our marketing information and in response to questions submitted to our customer service mailbox (support@therabulb.com). Our technical experts can assist you in determining which of our products is best for you.

      Do You Need a TheraBulb or a Heat Lamp Bulb?

      If you are simply using the bulb as a heat source, a general purpose heat lamp will work just fine. If, however, you need specific irradiance, operating temperature, or wavelengths, TheraBulb has the product data to help you find the best bulb for you.